Ice fishing can be lots of fun, but for it to be fun, it requires preparation, especially in regard to your clothing. Getting quality ice fishing boots is an essential part of that preparation process.

You’ll be outdoors for hours, on a frozen lake, surrounded by snow, ice, and icy cold water.

In that kind of environment, you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to exposing your body parts to extreme cold.

Even more so, if those parts are as sensitive to cold and freezing as your feet and in particular, toes. 

Let’s dig in and see which are the warmest ice fishing boots on Amazon.

If I had to recommend just one piece of gear for your ice fishing trip that would guarantee the protection of your health, it would be pair of ice fishing boots. Sure, bibs, gloves, and shelters do a great job of protecting you from extreme cold, as well, but due to the factors i’ve already mentioned, boots are the most essential part of your ice fishing wardrobe. To enable one to make an educated choice of purchasing the best boots for ice fishing, listed below are some buying tips and boots characteristics for consideration. Before we look into it, it must be remembered that the right selection of insulation, flexibility and traction of the best winter boots for ice fishing would depend on the local conditions along with the weather.


With regards to form, typical winter boots for ice fishing have natural upper and then rubber lowers. Their removal liners with a well lace-up front ensure greater insulation. It also facilitates faster drying but they are usually bulky and give a loose fit, especially for someone with narrow feet. In contrast, the latest boots for ice are made of synthetics which are generally lighter and flexible rendering them easier to walk in and snugger.

Regarding functionality, comfort and warmth are the topmost considerations. The ideal choice is high quality boots with proper EE width that can easily accommodate thick winter socks. In 2018, Most anglers consider Pac boots as the best ice fishing boots since they have a waterproof base as well as rubber exteriors which keep the feet dry at all times. Ideal ice fishing Pac boots have heights till the calf for optimal protection and insulation against thick snow. A gaiter at the top of the upper is preferred to seal out snow and any other elements. These boots stay dry even when drilling ice holes or walking on the wet snow.


While reading a number of ice fishing boots reviews, I realized that the best boots for icy conditions must keep your feet dry even under critical conditions. Most of them have a rubber base which is attached to the boot’s heavy-duty leather, nylon or any other similar heavy-duty materials which forms the boot’s upper portion. Most leather uppers come pre-treated to repel water. The calf length boots are always for better insulation and protection. The fastening systems should also be looked into which maybe zippers, buckles, laces or their combinations for better securing. However, zippers and buckles are preferred as they are easier to close even with mitts or gloves worn hands.


Apart from being snow proof and water proof, insulation is another major criterion. Insulation comes through both rubber and synthetic materials. Thinsulate, primaloft, heatseeker,zylex, wool felt and opti-warm are some popular insulation options.


Traction is a very important consideration for proper grip on the snow so that one does not slip on the ice and has better grip while walking. Regarding ice fishing, the best winter boots for ice comes with spikes as they provide a higher traction.

Ice fishing boots come in lot of designs but its best to select the boot on the type of activity and weather conditions rather than stylish looks. Though many features are packaged very stylishly and presented in the best ice fishing boots. Mentioned below are our recommended top three ice fishing boots reviews for 2018.


Sorel Men’s Intrepid Explorer Extreme Snow Boot Review

Inspired by dogsled mushers racing the Yukon Quest, these boots are ideal for people looking for serious performance. Their boot-in-boor design have 13mm ThermoPlus™ felt Inner Boots with traction-enhanced lug outsoles and water proofed uppers, these are one of the warmest ice fishing boots with it’s rating of  up to-100 degrees F (-73.3 C). Not only are they abrasion resistant but their web lacing system along with the rip-stop nylon gaiters provide both – structure and protection while its collar barrel locks keeps the snow out. Its multiple insulating areas provide a terrific barrier of warmth between feet and frozen ground. Its biggest asset is its 11” tall shafts which stand higher than many other styles but they are not so tall that they are deemed uncomfortable. An ideal shoe for all kinds of winter sports, it is truly deemed “A furnace for your feet.”

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Baffin Men’s Selkirk snow boot Review

A top rated ice fishing and snow boots, it is ideal for those who are on the lookout of a warm and lightweight snow boot. Available in expedition gold or black, it remains a top favorite amongst anglers as one of the best ice fishing boots. Along with -94°F warmth, it features the Baffin’s Icepaw outsole, which draws inspiration from the polar bear’s surefooted grip on icy terrain. The boots’ grip is commendable on both ice and snow. Snowmobilers love its manmade sole, adjustable strap for the ankle, back pull loop along with its hoop and loop closure. Many love the reflective panels on the rear shaft of the boot and its polymech foam which lends extra comfort due to its form-fitting characteristic. However, the boot is quite bulky.

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The Original MuckBoots Adult Arctic Sport Boot Review

It is quite a rugged and comfy piece of winter boots. Extremely lightweight, its stretch-fit top line upper binding provides terrific insulation and heat to the feet while its 100 percent waterproof construction provides top-line protection. This unisex boots’ upper shaft stretches for a close under- or over-the-pants fit. Additional comfort is provided through the double reinforcement areas on the instep, heel and Achilles. Additional warmth comes through the 2mm thermal foam underlay while the MS-1 molded outsole provides maximum traction on rugged terrain to help one remain steady. It is a prized possession for any ice-angler.

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Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot Reviews
Sorel’s Conquest pair of boots with it’s gorgeous looks and comfortable fit, is considered as one of the best pair of boots for ice fishing. If you decide to wear Sorel conquests for your outdoor activities, you won’t have to worry about cold temperature down to -40 F. With it’s 400g of Thinsulate ultra insulation and waterproof leather, this pair is water and cold resistant. In case you’re walking in a deep snow, boots have built-in gaiter to keep your feet dry and warm.   Rubber sole has a great traction and grip on wet and dry surfaces, but this ice fishing boots’ reviews recommend to use ice ice cleats for walking on ice. ( Read about Top 5 Ice Fishing Cleats in this article) . Also, customers recommend ordering 0.5 size bigger for nice fit.

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Baffin Men’s Impact Insulated Boot Review
With an eight line inner boot system and Thermaplush high technology insulation, Baffin Impacts guarantee to keep your feet dry and warm in extreme  cold or wind. They would be ideal for ice fishing and other outdoor activities in polar regions. If you want boots for normal or slightly cold weather – there are tons of other options of basic boots and you should look for those, because i doubt you can check their -148 F rated protection anywhere else. With Geflex midsole and foam cushioning these are not only warmest ice fishing boots on this list, but comfortable as well.   Baffin made uppers of nylon for enhanced water protection, and soles of rubber for good grip while walking on ice. Usually very boring part of boots – taking them off – is made easy with two-buckle fastening system. For the money, these are obviously best and warmest ice fishing boots on the market.

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