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Best Tandem Fishing Kayaks [Top Rated Kayaks 2022]

This review will tell you about some of the best tandem fishing kayaks. Anglers often get confused as to which is the best kayak to purchase for a better experience.

Well, here you will relate to a lot of features which you will imagine while fishing can give you a better experience. With a lot less effort you can catch a bunch of fish without having a fear of falling into the water.

Why should you get a tandem fishing kayak?

Do you find it difficult to find a fishing kayak that both you and your friend can use at the same time? Well, tandem fishing kayaks are specially designed to accommodate two people who want to fish.

They are great for couples who enjoy the outdoors, families who want to go on a fishing trip, or friends that want to go angling together.

They are also much more stable than single-person kayaks because there is less risk of capsizing. Tandem fishing kayaks are perfect for those who need stability in their boats when they are out on the water.

What features to look for in a good tandem fishing kayak?

Kayaks are great for fishing, and they can take you to the best spots. Today we will help you find the best tandem kayak for fishing so that you can spend more time on the water and less time looking for a good kayak.

Some features to look out for in a good tandem fishing kayak are tight storage space, multiple rod holders, tight paddling space, stability, weight capacity of both partners, size of the cockpit.

Some features of a good tandem fishing kayak are stability, weight capacity of both partners, size of the cockpit.

How to Store Your Tandem Fishing Kayaks Properly?

Proper storage of tandem fishing kayaks is important because it protects your investment and ensures that it will last for many years.

Storing your tandem fishing kayaks in a garage or basement is not advisable because these locations are usually damp and may cause the boat to rot. If you have an enclosed space with plenty of space to hang, this would be a better option.

List of Best Tandem Fishing Kayaks in 2022

Best tandem fishing kayaks are those that are stable and that allows the angler to cast a wider net as they go on their fishing expedition.

Fishing as a sport has been around for centuries. From being a way of ensuring food for survival to being a pleasurable hobby, fishing is still going strong. As time has progressed, so have the tools of fishermen and women alike.

Different types of fish have become more popular, and different types of waters have been discovered for different species of fish.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac BKC UH-TK181 Color: Green Check Price
backpac Coleman Colorado Color: Green Check Price
cordlessblower Malibu Kayaks Pro Color: Blue Check Price
cordlessblower Old Town Twin Heron Color: Red Check Price
cordlessblower Elkton Outdoors Color: Green Check Price
cordlessblower Lifetime 10 Foot Color: Brown Check Price

1. BKC UH-TK181 12-Foot Kayak

With a capacity of two-person holding, this kayak is strong and works efficiently in rough water bodies. It is slightly heavy with a weight of 68 pounds but then again it is easy to carry as it has handled.

BKC UH-TK181 12-Foot Kayak
BKC UH-TK181 12-Foot Kayak

Not only it has a good tracking system but is also very stable in water. It makes this kayak favorable for anglers. Not only does it have two very lavish seats but also multiple footrests.

Length12.5 ft
Width30 inches
Weight68 pounds
Capacity450 pounds
  • Two deluxe seats
  • Can hold up to 450 pounds
  • It has lightweight aluminum paddles
  • Extremely efficient tracking system
  • It is 12.5 ft elongated

BKC UH-TK181 12-Foot Kayak

BKC UH-TK181 12-Foot Kayak
  • The perfect kayak for outdoor fun
  • Fully loaded accessories
  • Crafted for stability
  • Water-resistant storage
  • Built-in fishing rod holders

2. Coleman Colorado Tandem Kayak

It is stable on the water and therefore more convenient for new users. This inflatable kayak can hold up to 470 pounds.

It is moreover compact and can be handled easily. This kayak has very secure material used and no issues of puncture or damage are seen.

3. Sevylor Coleman Colorado
3. Sevylor Coleman Colorado
Length10 ft
Width39 inches
Weight41 pounds (shipped)
Capacity470 pounds
  • It supports 2 people seating at a single time
  • Can hold up to 470 lbs
  • Weighs only about 41 lbs
  • This kayak is waterproof
  • Moreover, it also has adjustable rod holders

Coleman Colorado Tandem Kayak

3. Sevylor Coleman Colorado
  • Adjustable seats
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Multiple air chambers
  • Airtight System

3. Malibu Kayaks Pro 2-Person Kayak

As the name suggests again this is a two-person kayak and can be useful for a couple seeking outing together. It can be taken out in any kind of water bodies even oceans!

Malibu Kayaks Pro 2-Person Kayak
Malibu Kayaks Pro 2-Person Kayak
Length13 ft
Width33 inches
Weight62 pounds
Depth11 inches
Capacity550 pounds
  • It weighs up to 62 lbs
  • Can hold up to 550 lbs
  • This kayak is multifunctional
  • It has a very large storage hatch

Malibu Kayaks Pro 2-Person Kayak

  • The ultimate two-seater kayak
  • Designed for all-around ocean
  • Ideal for fishing, diving, and recreational paddling
  • Ideal one or two paddlers

4. Old Town Twin Heron Angler

It has two very comfortable and also adjustable seats for long-period seating. It also comes with an auto-trim hull if you want to paddle from the stern seat.

This kayak is a little heavy at 62 pounds but then again it keeps you maintain control of water.

Old Town Twin Heron Angler
Old Town Twin Heron Angler
Length13.6 ft
Width13.5 inches
Weight62 pounds
Height15.5 inches
Capacity500 pounds
  • It comes with multiple fish rod holders
  • Two-seater kayak
  • Capacity to hold up to 500 lbs
  • It also has 6-rod mount receivers

Old Town Twin Heron Angler

Old Town Twin Heron Angler
  • Auto trim hull
  • Adjustable comfort Flex seat
  • Glide Track foot brace system
  • Six rod-mount receivers and two Cannon Rod holders

5. Elkton Outdoors Two Person Kayak

Elkton Kayak has a two-seater kayak that comes with gear. It is easy to handle and carry out and It can be transported without much trouble.

It is well protected and any damage or puncture can be prevented.

Elkton Outdoors Two Person Kayak
Elkton Outdoors Two Person Kayak
Length12.2 ft
Width3 ft
  • It has two paddles
  • This kayak has bungee cords
  • It is long of 12.5 ft
  • Two-seater kayak

Elkton Outdoors Two Person Kayak

Elkton Outdoors Two Person Kayak
  • Constructed with a rotomolded injected body
  • Easy to transport
  • two carry handles allow for convenient transportation
  • Plenty of storage

6. Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Kayak

As the name suggests this kayak is a two-person holder. It also says that it is high 10 feet long which tells you that it has a lot of spacing for seating and relaxing your legs. up to 500 pounds

Lifetime Sports Fisher
Length10 ft
Width36 inches
Weight60 pounds
Capacity500 pounds
  • Carries up to 500 pounds
  • Weighs 60 pounds
  • It has two padded seats
  • It comes with multiple footrests
  • It also has lightweight paddles

Lifetime 10 Foot, Two-Person Kayak

Lifetime Sports Fisher
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Multiple footrest positions
  • Designed to seat up to 3 people
  • Ultra stability and great tracking


Here we are towards the end of this review with six of the best tandem fishing kayaks of the current collection. These products are highly reliable and many of them are perfect for a two-person ride.

They may vary in price but as said these products are best despite the price. So choose wisely and choose the one which does not affect your budget and yet is perfect with its functioning as well as features.

It all depends on what you are looking for, your budget, and your skill level. If you are new to fishing kayaks, I recommend the Coleman Colorado Kayak. It is affordable and an excellent starter kayak for someone new to the sport of fishing.

Let us know your choice and any other query regarding any of the listed Best Tandem Fishing Kayaks. You can also contact us for any new information that can be added.

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