If you have the Old Town Vapor 10 though, you do not have to worry about wobbling at all. I’ve been using this angler yak for quite a few years now and thought of sharing my experience in the form of this Old Town Vapor 10 review.

If you have ever experienced a kayak journey where wobbling happened a lot, you definitely know how cumbersome unstable kayaks can be.

The sleek look of this 10-feet kayak makes it a kayak of choice for beginners as well as for advanced kayakers.

The boat has received many excellent reviews, and it is hard to find bad or neutral reviews, even if you search the whole internet for a long time.

So if you go by the reviews, this kayak is certainly extraordinarily good. The following aspects are what I liked about this kayak:

It features an excellent feature-rich hybrid cockpit

The open-top variety of cockpits allows for easy entry and exit, and since this kayak features UV strength polyethylene, the build quality is impressive. It has a cockpit tray that is molded in, and also, a cup holder.

BrandOld Town Canoes & Kayaks
Item Weight47 Pounds
ColorPhotic Camo

While the seat is comfortable flex and adjustable, the 2-rod holders provided behind the seat are flush-mounted.

So you get to keep your essential gear within arm’s length, in order to experience user-friendly kayaking.

Old Town Vapor 10 Review

Comfort is further enhanced by the presence of thigh pads that are built-in, foot braces that are adjustable, and convenient paddle holders.

While the molded well-featured near the stern provides enough space for storing fishing accessories, the drainage plugs make sure that any water coming in does not disturb you.

It is spacious enough to satisfy basic needs and beyond

The great thing about this kayak is that despite its modest size of 10-feet, it can easily accommodate large persons.

Whether you have a weight of 300 pounds and a height of 6’2’’, or a weight of 250 pounds with a height of 5’8’’, this kayak will feel comfortable regardless of your body proportions. 

Old Town actually assures that a maximum weight of 325 pounds can be supported.

Actually, the versatility of accommodation is assured due to the shape of the cockpit.

Measuring 48 inches in depth, and having a width of 20 inches, the cockpit lets kayakers stretch legs easily. Impressively enough, the deck height is 17 inches.

So overall, whether you want to stand in the boat, or want to quickly hop out, you will find the Vapor 10 quite satisfactory.

In case you have the habit of fishing on your own, you can load any gear you may have in the additional space provided in the boat. With this Old Town, you will not feel like the whole boat is filled with gear, even if you have lots of gear.

It has an adjustable and highly comfortable seat

Quite frankly, the seat of the Vapor 10 is a wonder in itself. Not only do most users of the boat praise the seat for its comfort, but also report loving the various features, especially its adjustable position.

Since the cockpit is very open, you can have a huge number of sitting positions.

Very often, our body gets quite stiff when we sit maintaining a single position for a number of hours.

However, with its adjustability, you can change your position every once in a while, in order to avoid leg numbness and lower back problem.

It offers superior tracking

When it comes to tracking, this Vapor Angler does not disappoint. It can compete with some of the most amazing tracking kayaks in the market, mostly because it has been designed keeping recreational fishing in mind.

I wrote this Old Town Vapor 10 review especially to talk about the super tracking capability of this angler yak.

One very good aspect of this kayak is that there is no need to paddle a lot. This kayak glides well with a low amount of paddling. Also, it is extremely fast, especially considering its size.

Since this boat does not demand extreme paddling, beginners are going to love it because they will not have to get exhausted trying to paddle hard all the time in order to propel and control the yak.

In fact, the Vapor 10 can move against the current quite expertly too, which is another great news for beginners, and also, for advanced kayakers.

Old Town Vapor 10

It allows you to have everything at arm’s length

When in this kayak, you do not have to worry about drifting downstream even when you’re relaxing both hands.

You can easily fish using both of your hands because of the presence of a paddle holder in the kayak front, and anchor behind rod holders.

On the other hand, if you want to store lures and baits, the built-in type cup holder will come in handy.

It allows super easy transportation

Having a weight of just 44 pounds, this 10-feet boat is quite small and allows single-handed carrying.

You can easily throw it at the back part of the minivan or SUV, or even put it in the vehicle rack above. After that, you just need to tie the back door nicely using a quality bungee.

The manufacturer has put special emphasis on ease of transport by adding molded handles that assist in carrying.

Moreover, since the kayak has an open-cockpit style, you can rest a cockpit edge on the shoulder, and let the back muscles work for bearing most of the weight.

Its drawback is its anchor

My Old Town Vapor 10 review will not be complete without discussing the cons. The only disadvantage of this boat is that it does not have an excellent anchor.

It is not that the anchor is bad. It can certainly avoid drifting due to moderately choppy water.

But, if the current is swiftly moving, then the anchor may not be able to hold you in position very well. But then, you can always buy a great anchor additionally.

Who should go for the Vapor 10 Angler Kayak?

This boat will serve you great –

  • In case you have a large built and most other boats cannot accommodate you well
  • In case you like to fish with your little ones to keep you company
  • In case you love bringing the dog on kayaking trips
  • In case you hate struggling while propelling a boat
  • In case you prefer the convenience of storage and transportation
  • In case you like to be warm and dry when the weather conditions are quite cold
  • In case you love kayaking just for the sake of it

Old Town Vapor 10 Review – In Conclusion

All said and done, I’m extremely satisfied with my Old Town Vapor 10 Review and in fact, it’s my #1 choice if you’re looking for the best fishing kayak under $500!

This angler yak has a very good tracking capability, is a boon for large-built people, and is perfect for both experienced and beginner kayakers.

If you enjoyed my Old Town Vapor 10 review, do check out the helpful video below as well.

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