The Stearns Cordova Inflatable Kayak Review features a TechTour hull floor system with a shallow arch hull and a flat top floor.

They significantly help in dramatically increasing the performance, rigidity, and comfort of the kayak

It’s a performance-oriented and full-featured kayak built for the more experienced paddler. With the performance benefits of a hard-shell kayak without the bulk, it’s lightweight which makes it really easy to transport.

Stylish in orange and gray with bungee straps, the expedition-touring Stearns Cordova features a covered air chamber system for extreme rigidity.

Stearns Cordova Inflatable Kayak Review 2022

This kayak is puncture-resistant and safe to use with a fully covered floor chamber and two concentric chambers. Its high-end main chamber valves can be purged which is important for long trips.

It has a fully removable spray deck that allows the kayaker either to sit inside or on top and use it like a sit-on-top kayak. Its rear cockpit offers comfortable backrest support.

Features and Specifications

  • A comfortable, performance-oriented, full-featured expedition-touring kayak
  • A lightweight kayak is easy to portage and has the performance benefits of a hardshell without the bulk
  • A patented covered air chamber system makes this kayak extremely rigid, safe and puncture-resistant
  • High-end main chamber valves that can be purged on the go
  • fully removable spray deck makes the kayak into a sit-on-top, and the rear cockpit provides firm backrest support

The Reviews

The Stearns Cordova Inflatable Kayak is extremely easy to inflate out of the bag it takes just about five minutes to fill its several chambers and takes less than a minute to deflate.

It has a comfortable backrest, adjustable footrest and it feels like a rigid-hulled kayak. It’s a versatile exploration craft that tracks nicely on flat water with its rear hatch and deck bungees.

It’s convenient to carry anywhere so you can get on the water whenever you see some.

This kayak is a great boat to paddle and a very well-thought-out and very well-made kayak.

On the downside, like all other inflatable kayaks, the sand and salt tend to build up between the bottom and side air chambers, and even fastidious kayakers will find these elements virtually impossible to get rid of.

It’s therefore helpful to just take this kayak out on lakes and rivers and avoid the sea.  Also, it takes longer to dry this kayak.

The Stearns Cordova Inflatable Kayak is a real joy to own. It doesn’t perform as hard-shell kayaks but it serves its purpose really well.

The best thing about this kayak is that it really looks great and gets attention immediately.

When you unpack and inflate it beside a river or on the beach, you’ll get people a few feet away watching the kayak come to life. You will be getting a lot of compliments on its stunning looks.

4.6/5 - (11 votes)

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